All In One Of Astha Academy Material PDF Book

All In One Of Astha Academy Material PDF Book

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All in one of Astha Academy Material PDF Book
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Saving bank account is meant for the people who wish to save a part of their current income to meet their future needs and they can also earn in interest on their savings. The rate of interest payable on by the banks on deposits maintained in savings account is prescribed by RBI. Now-a-days the fixed deposit is also linked with saving account. Whenever there is excess of balance in saving account it will automatically transfer into fixed deposit and if there is shortfall of funds in savings account, by issuing cheese the money is transferred from fixed deposit to saving account. Different banks give different name to this product.

A variant of the saving bank a/c is the recurring deposit or cumulative deposit a/c introduced by banks in recent years. Here, a depositor is required to deposit an amount chosen by him. The rate of interest on the recurring deposit account is higher than as compared to the interest on the saving account. Banks open such accounts for periods ranging from 1 to 10 years. There curing deposit account can be opened by any number of persons, more than one person jointly or severally, by a guardian in the name of a minor and even by a minor.

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All In One Of Astha Academy Material PDF Book
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