Process of driving license

Process of driving license  
It is compulsory to apply online for all activities related to the driving license  
That person wants a driver's license you must apply within a stipulated form. To obtain the license, the applicant must pass a Driving Test along with the computer as well. 
New driving license

Application letter
  • To obtain a new driving license, the applicant must obtain a Learning License.
  • Applicant Form number with the aim of learning as well as a driver's license 2/4 must apply form number 1 ( medical certificate in A) must also be attached. If a person wants to obtain a driver's license for transport goods vehicle and wants to get an online appointment or for more informationplease visit:   
  • A person must complete 16 years to obtain a license for wheeled vehicles without gear .
  • One person must complete the age of 18 to obtain a license for wheel vehicles with gear motorcartractor and other non-transport vehicles .
  • For transport vehicles a person must complete20 years of age. In addition to must pass the class and it's running light motor vehicle must be experienced year. 
Necessary documents
  • Age certificates of leaving school birth certificatepassport PAN card a certificate or its equivalent a doctor LIC policy or civil surgeon who could be presented as proof of age.
  • Address School proofing certificate passport LIC policy Electoral Voter ID card light bills ,telephone bills house tax receipt with address ,Central / State salary slip / local self an affidavit from the government or the applicant. The addresscan be presented to asthe evidence.
Examination process
   To obtain a learning license it is necessary to pass the knowledge exam through computer.
  • Rules and regulations of traffic and traffic signs such as tests.
  • 15 questions are asked randomly in the test , out of which 11 questions need to be answered in order to pass the examination in the examination.
  • 48 seconds to answer each question is allowed.
  • The unsuccessful person in the test can be present for re-trial after a gap of 24 hours.
  • A person who has a learning license or driver's license and who wishes to apply for a driving license of additional categories in the current driver's license it went exempted from the knowledge test on the computer.
   Driving Test is mandatory to obtain a permanent driving license
  • Anyone can be present for a driving test after a 30-day interval of obtaining a learning license .
  • The driving test is conducted on the same type of vehicle for which the application has been received for obtaining a driving license.
  • Learning license is valid only for a period of 6months therefore , the applicant must be present for the driving test within the validity period.
  • Guidelines to apply for new Learner LicencePARIVAHAN SEWA Home Page Click on the SARATHI in the Home Page (located on right side) for Driving License Service Click Apply Online
  • Click New Learner's Licence
  • Click on Continue button
  • If the candidate is applying for fresh Learner License then select the first choice "I do not have any license" then click Submit button. 
  • New blank Please fill all the necessary information, * marked block is mandatory to fill 
  • Above form shows After filling the form click on Submit button.
  • After successful submission, the application number will be generated and SMS will be sent.Candidate can take a print of the generated disclosure. Click on Next button for documents, photo and signature upload 
  • Select the UPLOAD DOCUMENTS option and click Next button 
  • Select the appropriate Documents and Proofs for related documents. Select the option Document and click on the document and click on the Conform button. Repeat the document to upload all necessary documents After successful uploading of all essential documents click on Next button to Photo and Signature. 
  • Click the Browse button for the candidate and the signature of the candidate. *** Please read the Photograph and Signature file specification before uploading the Photograph and Signature. Click on Upload and View Files After successful upload of Photograph and Signature click on Save Photo & Signature Image Files. "Inserted Successfully"Then click Next button to Fee Payment. 
  • Select the Fee Payment option and click Next for fee payment 
  • Instructions will be displayed for online Payment for the LL / DL Applications then click "Click here to Continue ePayment" 
  • In Payment Options select the Bank / Gateway / Treasury and enter the text as shown above. *** Every time new random text will be generated Click on Pay Now button
  • Terms and Conditions will be displayed for online payment and click on Proceed for Payment
  • Please read the instructions Please do not press BACK or REFRESH button of your browser 
  • Select the Mode of Payment and click Submit button. Candidate can choose any of the mode listed and could make payment. 

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Process of driving license
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